Joining Clean Shipping Index offers numerous advantages
No matter your role in the shipping industry

Clean Shipping Index offers shipping companies:

- Reduced fairway dues by the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA)

- Reduced port fees by:
Ports of Stockholm
Port of Gothenburg
Port of Vancouver
Port of Prince Rupert
Port of Gävle

Information about rebates and how to apply for them can be found in the FAQ.

The Swedish Maritime Administration has chosen Clean Shipping Index as a practical tool for differentiating fairway dues


- Clean Shipping Index is a practical tool that can directly be used by any key player in the maritime supply chain.

- The holistic approach to emissions, including more categories than only air emissions, ensures a high score can only be obtained when a vessel scores points in all possible emission categories.

- Third-party verification is an important part of the methodology. A vessel certificate can only be obtained after a verification process of the self-assessed data, ensuring the credibility of scored points. Port- & fairway due rebates are only given when the data are verified. Shipowners can use the certificate to receive these rebates and to market their verified environmental performance.

- Vessels are scored beyond legal compliance. As legal compliance sets a baseline, every point scored is a better performance than legal compliance demands. 

- Costs for verification of self-assessed data are low compared to the possible discounts on port- & fairway dues. Therefore obtaining a CSI certificate often directly pays off after the date of issue.

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