The sustainable energy solutions of the future

We are working for the transition to a fossil-free, renewable and resource-efficient energy system.

Research and assignments for fossil-free and renewable energy

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute possesses extensive knowledge in the energy field. We contribute to the shift to sustainable energy by way of research and assignments, both nationally and globally.

Energy supply for industry and buildings

IVL has considerable expertise in energy matters relating to industry, and to buildings and transport. We use modelling and scenario analysis, in order to e.g. describe the effects of various instruments, both in large research projects and in assignments from individual clients.

District heating, industrial symbiosis and biogas

IVL is highly knowledgeable in district heating and the transition to flexible systems using heat recovery from unused heat flows. Other IVL strengths include industrial symbiosis, energy efficiency in buildings, and biogas solutions.

Electrification, hydrogen gas and fuels

In these fields, IVL has many years' experience of sustainability analyses, including lifecycle analyses, modelling and scenario work, as well as techno-economic assessments, policy analyses and analysis of critical raw materials, which is crucial for the sustainability of the entire value chain.

IVL's fields of expertise in energy

Vintrig gata i Falun

District heating



view of a hydrogen storage, with a hydrogen tank. And in the background a wind turbine.

Hydrogen gas

Uppsala stad med domkyrkotornen

Energy systems

Examples of IVL's work with energy and energy efficiency

Energy use in residential and commercial properties, and in industry, must be made more effective.

Energy systems

City apartments at night time reflecting from the windows in the water below.

Enflate develops energy exchange

Enflate is a project within Horizon Europe. The project aims to provide the means for the efficient control of the energy exchange at regional, national and international levels, to improve communication between distributed energy sources, and to increase involvement of consumers and users who are also producers.

Read more about Enflate


Person som går inne i en fabrik

Circular and resource-efficient process industry

In the EU project Retrofeed, six heavy industries in the steel and cement sectors will be made more energy efficient.
This will be achieved by way of improved equipment and the development of control systems.

Read more about Retrofeed


Foto från gamla stan Stockholm. Äldre hus i flera färger vid ett torg.

Climate assessment of energy measures

Tidstegen is a tool you can use to make a climate assessment of energy solutions when renovating or building new properties. The tool calculates how a change in the building's energy use during the operational phase affects greenhouse gas emissions.

Read more about Tidstegen

Marie Fossum Strannegård:
The energy crisis has been a wake-up call

In the spring of 2022, we were reminded of the vulnerability of the global energy system. At the same time, Russia's war on Ukraine has accelerated the phasing out of fossil gas, and many of us have started hunting kilowatt-hours.

With a background in the energy sector, IVL's CEO Marie Fossum Strannegård knows the importance of a secure and sustainable energy supply.

Services offered by IVL in the field of energy

IVL helps you develop solutions that help foster sustainable operations and a sustainable society.
Everything we do rests on a scientific foundation, and if you engage us as a consultant, you get all our research as part of the deal.

Hydrogen – climate hype or climate hope?

Everyone is talking about hydrogen. But what do the researchers say – is hydrogen the answer to the climate crisis? IVL's hydrogen experts Ali Hedayati, Anders Hjort and Julia Hansson explain the current research situation, and what the future may look like for hydrogen as a fossil-free energy source.

With a focus on sustainable energy supply in industry, construction and the transport sector.

Some of IVL's energy experts

Porträtt på Anton fagerström

Anton Fagerström

Team manager

IVL employee Nathalie Fransson

Nathalie Fransson

Expert, district heating

Porträtt på IVL medarbetaren Johan Rootzen

Johan Rootzén

Expert, industrial energy supply

Bild på Julia Hansson

Julia Hansson

Expert, fuels

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