Forest to both cultivate and preserve

How are forest ecosystems affected by forestry, climate change and air pollution?

How should we use the forest without depleting ecosystems?

Sweden has a vision of being a bio-based economy by 2050. Because of this the forest will play a more important role in the future, and the question is whether it will be sufficient to meet future needs.

Sustainability assessments and environmental monitoring

Research and environmental monitoring in forests and land is one of IVL's keystones. We perform sustainability assessments for various biomass resources and study the impact on ecosystem services through a life cycle perspective. We also study how we can increase efficiency and productivity in the entire value chain, from raw materials in the forest to products.

Pay attention to and describe conflicts

We often have an advisory role for both business and the public sector. Thus, an important part for us is to pay attention to and describe any conflicts in order to be able to make relevant trade-offs.

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