Accidents and emissions into the environment

We perform risk assessments and take preventative action against urgent and long-term emissions.

Environmental effects of pollutants

Actions from the industries or accidents such as oil spills can have huge negative effects on the environment. We identify emission sources, calculate how the pollutants spread in the environment and what effects they have on ecosystems.

Risk assessments for decontamination

Our experts perform urgent damage assessments in the event of sudden releases of hazardous substances into the environment and provide recommendations for decontamination and how to prevent damage. We often work on behalf of companies with activities that require a permit. Environmental impact from mining operations is one of our areas of strength.

Oil spills

IVL's Oil Damage Group has, since the 1970s, been working with the environmental effects of oil spills. The group develops and supports the authorities' work to prevent and limit damage from oil spill.

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