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Analysis of pollutants in the work environment

Measurements of various kinds provide an important basis for risk assessments. IVL analyzes dust, solvents, nitrogen oxides, the content of organic substances and different types of microorganisms.

Measurements are important for choosing the actions that give the best effect. We use different types of measurements to map the work environment. Many of the measurements are focused on air pollution. With the help of various instruments, we measure a very large number of substances in the air, including instruments for displaying nanoparticles.

Analyzes and tests are done in our analysis laboratory and they are tailored within each assignment, according to your needs. Many of our measurement and analysis methods are accredited by Swedac External link, opens in new window. to SS-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018. For other methods, we work based on corresponding quality routines.

We help you with:

  • Samples and measurements for gaseous air pollutants and particles
  • Investigation of sources of air pollutants and how the pollutants spread
  • Measurement of pollution levels that your employees are exposed to in their work and how the levels vary over time
  • Analyzes of how existing measures work, for example if they are able to encapsulate the pollutants effectively or if point extraction traps the pollutants
  • Various surveys, such as mapping employees' well-being and experience of the work environment.


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