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We work with applied research for ecologically, economically and socially sustainable growth in business and the rest of society.

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We turn research into reality

Research and development is the foundation of our operations. It represents half of our total activity, alongside our commissioned work. With a wide range of expertise, we work across the entire field of sustainability and our research ranges from traditional environmental science to economics, behavioural science and social science.

IVL's different types of research programmes

IVL Svenska miljöinstitutet, kontoret i Fiskebäckskil.

EU-funded research

IVL participates extensively in EU research programmes in the environment and energy field, and in regional collaboration programmes.

Sjöpungsodling utanför Djupvik, Orust. Fredrik Norén och Anna-Sara Krång på bild.

Grant-funded research

IVL leads and participates in a large number of research projects and programmes with Swedish funders, such as government agencies.

Tre kvinnor sitter och fikar

Co-funded resarch

IVL's co-funded research programmes are a unique opportunity for companies to carry out research projects with funding from both state and private sectors.

Our test beds and research stations

IVL's test beds, pilot plants, research stations and demonstrators are important for testing, evaluating and driving development forward.

The societal benefits of research

Research on sustainability issues drives positive societal change. IVL turns science into reality, and includes the global goals in all our operations. Our starting point is that research and knowledge dissemination are the key to solving the challenges facing our world.

Our publications

Explore our published reports and articles.

Gender Equality Plan

IVL has a GEP (Gender Equality Plan) in accordance with mandatory and recommended requirements for applicant organizations in the European Commission's Horizon Europe research programme. Our GEP lists ongoing and planned activities related to various gender equality issues, such as equal opportunities within the organization and integration of gender perspectives in research projects.

For more information on IVL's research, contact us

Porträtt av Stefan Pettersson

Stefan Pettersson

Head of research

Hanna Oskarsson

Hanna Oskarsson

Research coordinator

Kajsa Markstedt

Kajsa Markstedt

Research coordinator

Websites for various IVL projects

Ongoing research

Here you can read more about some of our ongoing projects.

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