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RethinkAction - Cross sectoral planning decision-making platform to foster climate action

The EU-funded research programme Rethink Action aims to develop solutions through participatory processes and promote active participation in climate action by decision-makers, stakeholders and citizens in Europe.

RethinkAction brings together thirteen partners from nine countries, combining various fields of expertise such as social sciences, political science, land-use based policy, environmental sciences, atmospheric sciences, ICT modeling, integrated assessment modeling, earth observation, climatology and communication.

The programme m will develop a cross-sectoral decision-making platform tailored to the needs of different end-users. The platform will deliver clear and valuable information on climate change and increase awareness and attractiveness referring to land-use based mitigation and adaptation solutions.

The platform will be centered on land-use as a key to sustain life and reach objectives in the context of climate change and will help people to understand how individual changes in lifestyles as well as social behavior can have an effect on land-use in general. Moreover, it will allow users to access land-use based adaptation and mitigation solutions linking local, European and global scales based on six representative case studies, covering the main regional differences related to climate change.

Within this approach RethinkAction aims to create awareness not only for political changes but also for individual behavioral changes.

Project facts

  • Project name: RethinkAction
  • Funded by: Horizon 2020-EU.3.5 programme.No. 101037104
  • Period: 2021-2025
  • Budget: 5 MEuro, out which IVL has 472 000 Euro


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