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    Supporting sustainable food production in China
    In collaboration with China Chain Store and Franchise Association (CCFA) and Institute of Agriculture Economics and Development, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is engaged in the project SAFE to support sustainable agriculture food production in China. The aim is to reduce food loss and packaging, as well as the use of pesticide and fertilizers.
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    Green transition places new demands on the workplace
    A sustainable working environment is an important puzzle piece in the green transition. As Sweden makes this transition, both workplaces and duties are changing, and this results in new challenges in the work environment. On World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Anneli Julander, one of IVL's work environment researchers, shared some thoughts on the future.
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    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Rugao Biogas Pilot Project
    In the end of March, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for a biogas pilot project now starting up in the city Rugao in China. In the project organic wastes such as sludge and food waste from Rugao City, will be collected and turned in to biogas and provide green energy for the Scania factory in the city.
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    Wood-burning the right way – to reduce health risks
    For many, a wood fire is the epitome of home comfort. But the air pollutants, such as particles and soot, emitted as a result of wood-burning affect both human health and the environment. As more people resort to wood-burning due to rising electricity prices, we need more knowledge and information about how to avoid unnecessary air pollution.
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    Recycling and energy recovery in Namibia
    Windhoek, Namibia, is one of the cleanest cities in Africa, second to Kigali, and is set to regain its number-one status. Since 2009, the citizens have started sorting out plastic bottles, cartons, paper and glass, which go for recycling. Now, the city of Windhoek, together with waste experts at IVL and Smart City Sweden, is investigating how waste that is not recycled can be used for energy.
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    Smart water monitoring, thanks to new invention
    Climate change and urbanization are making it more challenging for cities to manage wastewater, stormwater and flooding. Researchers at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute have developed an invention that uses sensors and AI to monitor water and to better prepared to rapidly manage various changes.
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    Meeting on air pollution brings scientists and negotiators together from around the world
    Air pollution is the greatest environmental risk to human health. From March 13, 200 experts, scientists, and negotiators from around the world will meet in Gothenburg to strengthen international efforts to improve air quality. Organised under the framework of the Swedish EU Presidency, the seventh meeting of the Saltsjöbaden Air Science and Policy Workshop will be themed around “Air pollution management in a world under pressure”.
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    EU research project finds high nitrogen oxides emissions of Tier III vessels
    The EU research project SCIPPER has found high nitrogen oxides emissions of Tier III vessels from remote measurement in the Baltic Sea and North Sea. The analysis shows that 50 per cent of the emission measurements of ships that had to comply with the latest Tier III nitrogen levels, far exceed the expected emission levels.
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    Swedish delegation in India for Smart City Roadshow
    In February Swedish representatives from companies, academia and authorities visited three Indian cities to strengthen the cooperation between Sweden and India and share knowledge in innovation and sustainable city solutions.
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    Better air and less traffic noise in children's outdoor environment
    Preschool children are a vulnerable group, and far too often they are subject to both traffic noise and air pollution. At four preschool playgrounds in Gothenburg, air and noise measurement is underway; the aim is to learn how natural solutions like embankments, trees and vegetation-covered fences can improve the children's outdoor environment.
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    Research project converts food waste into new food products
    Researchers at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute are leading an initiative to develop new food products by using side flows from the production of vegetables and beef. The aim is to increase resource efficiency and profitability in the Swedish food sector by offering innovative food products.
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    Europe's capacity for textile recycling mapped
    There is a huge potential to scale up the sorting and recycling of old textiles in Europe. This is shown by a survey of around 30 actors in the sorting and recycling of post-consumer textiles, which has been carried out within the research project Sustainable clothing futures. The actors are located all over Europe and have promising techniques to be able to take care of our textile waste.
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    Indian delegation visited Sweden
    This week Smart City Sweden, in collaboration with Business Sweden, the Swedish Energy Agency, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and CII – Indian Green Building Council, welcomed an Indian delegation to Sweden for three days. The goal was to identify potential areas of collaboration, share expertise and exchange knowledge.
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    International conference on transport and related impacts on air pollution, environment, and climate
    Two major transport conferences – International Transport and Air Pollution and Shipping and the Environment – will arrange a joint scientific conference in Gothenburg later this year. The conference will provide a broad discussion forum for questions related to the impacts of transport sector on all parts of the environment including the atmosphere, terrestrial ecosystems, the marine environment, and the climate.
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    Researchers find scrubber water harmful at the tiniest of concentrations
    When researchers in the EU-funded project Emerge studied the effect of scrubber water on aquatic organisms, they found harmful effects even at the tiniest of concentrations. The findings add new insights to the problem with ships' exhaust gas cleaning systems – known as scrubbers – that allow ships to continue to use cheaper heavy fuel oil while still complying with the 2020 sulphur emissions rules.
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    Tonnes of fishing gear is lost at sea every year
    On behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and with funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has calculated the annual loss of fishing gear in the Nordic countries. The study points to a huge environmental challenge, where knowledge is generally low.
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    Hydrogen – climate hype or climate hope?
    Everyone is talking about hydrogen. But what do the researchers say – is hydrogen the answer to the climate crisis? IVL's hydrogen experts Ali Hedayati, Anders Hjort and Julia Hansson explain where the research stands today and what the future may look like for hydrogen as a fossil-free energy source.
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    Air pollution is estimated to cause 6,700 premature deaths in Sweden each year
    Air pollution is estimated to cause 6,700 premature deaths in Sweden each year. This is shown by the latest study carried out by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Umeå University on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Each death is estimated to be equivalent to a loss of ten years of life.
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    COP27: Pathways to sustainable building markets through credible, lifecycle-based information
    This week IVL and the subsidiary EPD International are organizing a side event at the UN Climate Conference, COP27, in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. The event will demonstrate how life cycle assessment and product declarations can be used in the construction sector to achieve emission targets in Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa.
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    Several projects focusing on clean water in Mumbai
    IVL's work focused on SDG 6 – Clean water and sanitation – continues in India. Currently, IVL is working as an environmental consultant in several projects related to clean water in Mumbai, for example the Mithi River Rejuvenation Projects aiming to reduce the pollution load of the Mithi River and restore it to its original state.
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    Marie Fossum Strannegård: The energy crisis has been a wake-up call
    In the spring of 2022, we were reminded of the vulnerability of the global energy system. At the same time, Russia's war on Ukraine has accelerated the phasing out of fossil gas, and many of us have started hunting kilowatt-hours. With a background in the energy sector, IVL's CEO Marie Fossum Strannegård knows the importance of a secure and sustainable energy supply.
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    Biogas is more than energy
    Inside the three green-brown digesters at the Gryaab wastewater treatment plant in Gothenburg, it is warm, brown and bubbly. Sludge from wastewater and fat from restaurants and other large-scale kitchens are blended, fermenting for a few weeks. Out comes biogas, certified fertilizer and maximized environmental benefits.
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    LENS – a new EU project on noise and air pollution
    How can we reduce noise and air pollution in our cities? The EU project LENS aims to assist enforcement authorities, cities, and regulators to decrease noise and air pollution from vehicles like mopeds and motorcycles. The project will carry out measurements in several European cities. IVL will develop test techniques and methods for measuring emissions under real driving conditions, including small particles that are particularly harmful to health.
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    Entire climate system is studied in a new EU project
    IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is participating in a newly launched EU project which will take a holistic approach to the interaction between impacts, risks, adaptation and measures against climate change. The aim is to break the silo approach, so that integrated assessments can be conducted.
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    European project shows how flexibility from the district heating sector can add values to the energy system
    The transformation of the energy sector increases the need for various flexibility services to maintain a balance between energy use and production. The EU Flexi-Sync project has explored how the flexibility available in district heating networks can be optimised and contribute with values for the energy system.
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    Offsetting for carbon neutrality – getting the claims right
    In a blog post for the EU-project LIFE DICET researchers from IVL and Perspectives Climate Group explain why voluntarily seeking so-called “corresponding adjustments” is a matter of whether an actor wants to voluntarily help to close the ambition gap to contribute to the global 1.5-degree goal. To get claims about offsetting and carbon neutrality right, a global accounting approach must be applied.
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    Policy priorities for mobilizing investment in Swedish green industrial transitions
    A new report by Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre at SEI, IVL and RISE investigates the key challenges for investments in technological and production changes that bring deep emissions cuts in heavy industry in Sweden. According to the study, what the industry demands is policy focus on issues related to creating market demand and ensuring that the necessary infrastructure is in place.
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    Major EU initiative launched to accelerate the transition to safe and sustainable materials, products and processes
    To ensure that materials are sustainable for humans and the environment, to increase recycling and use resources in a more efficient way, efforts are required from an early stage of design and manufacturing.Thus, the EC has launched a major initiative, IRISS, which will accelerate the transition to safe and sustainably designed materials, products and processes. The consortium, led by IVL, will create a global network of experts and stakeholders. Six value chains represented in the project will provide a clear picture of the industry's ongoing and future transformation.
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    Reducing food waste through donations
    Industry, academia and the voluntary sector are joining forces to accelerate efforts to halve food waste by 2030. A project will be implemented in 2022-24 to present good examples, obstacles and efficient working methods for donations of surplus food to charity. The project is to result in a handbook and will be carried out with support from Vinnova.
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    In search of salamanders with environmental DNA
    Biodiversity is in decline around the world; actions to conserve or recreate species-rich ecosystems are high on the global agenda. But how does one measure biodiversity? Researchers at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute are investigating this within a new research field: environmental DNA.
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    CCfD:s and climate fees can help transform industry
    Some of the key players in the climate transition are found in the basic industry. But for industry to make a successful post-carbon transition, demand for fossil free products must increase and the cost of its production must fall.
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    New project to support sustainable food production in China
    In collaboration with China Chain Store and Franchise Association and Institute of Agriculture Economics and Development, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute will support sustainable agriculture food production in China. The aim is to reduce food loss and packaging, as well as the use of pesticide and fertilizers.
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    More secure recycling of plastic in healthcare
    In a new joint research project, IVL and Trioworld will in collaboration develop a method to assess and ensure the sterilisation properties of the recycling process of plastic. The goal is to verify that even classified healthcare plastic waste can be recycled safely in the future.
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    IPCC report: Achieving climate goals only possible with immediate action
    We have experienced the largest increase in greenhouse gas emissions in human history and if we are to have a chance in limiting global warming to 1.5 ° C immediate multisectoral action is required. Meanwhile, significant progress is being made in many places and the opportunities to limit climate change and to achieve synergies with other global sustainability goals are great both in the short and medium-term perspective, according to the UN climate panel IPCC.
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    Sustainable clothing futures
    What do the sustainable value chains for future clothing look like? It is to be found out by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, the University of Borås and Profu in a new research project.
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    Five major research institutions now pooling resources in marine research
    Chalmers, the University of Gothenburg, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and RISE are joining forces to operate the marine research station Kristineberg under the name the Kristineberg Center for Marine Research and Innovation. The objective of the new agreement is for Kristineberg Center to become one of Europe’s leading marine research and innovation environments.
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    Accelerating the Climate Transition - new report on how to reach the Swedish climate target
    By 2045, Sweden have pledged to have net-zero carbon emissions. The technology needed to get there is well known and the cost is often marginal at the consumer level. Yet, the transition to reach the target is far too slow. The research program Mistra Carbon Exit have released a report with important lessons from its research, that need to be considered if we are to accelerate climate transition and ensure that all parts of society are engaged in the work.
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    New project examines conditions for a Nordic BECCS market
    New project examines conditions for a Nordic BECCS market Researchers at IVL and KTH will investigate the conditions for developing a Nordic market for Biomass Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage, so-called BECCS. The purpose is to facilitate a faster establishment and take advantage of the potential for large-scale BECCS projects in the Nordic region.
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    Export of sustainable solutions from Sweden
    Waste management in Colombia, energy efficiency in Somaliland and mobility solutions in China – these are just a few examples of projects that have started as a result of Smart City Sweden. The visit platform works to demonstrate sustainable city solutions from Sweden and welcomes delegations from all over the world. The result is over 20 projects on four different continents.
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    El Salvador wants to turn waste into energy with the help of Swedish solutions
    Waste experts from IVL are currently in El Salvador to investigate the possibilities of improving waste management in the country. The project, which is run within Smart City Sweden, will reduce the amount of waste that is currently landfilled and instead build facilities where the waste is converted into energy in the form of electricity, heat or fuel for transport.
Last updated: 2021-06-21

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