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    Industry and transport – greatest challenges for carbon neutral Nordic countries
    In the end of May a Nordic edition of the renowned International Energy Agency (IEA) global publication Energy Technology Perspectives was launched. The report shows that the Nordic countries can achieve a carbon-neutral region by 2050 by cooperating – but it requires that politicians take the challenges that the industries are facing seriously and increase the tempo within the area of transport.
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    IVL researcher heading to China for air studies
    IVL researcher Åsa Hallquist will, during six weeks in Beijing and three months in Hong Kong, measure secondary air pollution on behalf of a five-year long project regarding photochemical smog in China.
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    Several environmental benefits from using sea squirt in fish farms
    Sustainable fish, bioenergy and cleaner water can be the results of creating a local circular production system by integrating fish farming with the cultivation of sea squirt and macro algae. In the sea outside of Lysekil in Sweden the cultivation of sea squirt is already ongoing and will now be further developed.
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    Large climate benefits from eating less meat – but still difficult to achieve the emissions target
    Reducing meat consumption has a large climate benefit – much larger than just switching from beef and pork to chicken, according to a model developed by researchers at IVL. The model is used for calculating the impact that different policy instruments may have on the European food consumption. The study also clearly shows that food consumption is a big challenge if we are to achieve the emission target of two tonnes of carbon dioxide per person and year.