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    Green light for large-scale automated textile sorting facility in Malmö
    IVL has been given green light for a collaborative initiative to establish the world's first industrial scale automated textile sorting plant. Vinnova is to invest SEK 22 million in the project that will develop innovative solutions to achieve Agenda 2030 sustainability goals. The facility will be built in Malmö and is projected to go online next summer.
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    Major research initiative targets aquaculture around the Atlantic coast
    Today, aquaculture is limited to a small number of highly demanded species. To lessen vulnerability to disease, greater diversity and stronger populations are needed. In a transatlantic EU project, researchers at IVL will develop techniques for cultivating both domestic and alien pacific oysters.
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    Resource-efficient carbon fiber electrodes for extraction of hydrogen from wastewater
    Research work at the Royal Institute of technology (KTH) and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has enabled the development of a new type of carbon fibre-based electrodes. The electrodes make it possible to efficiently extract hydrogen from sewage waters with high ammonium contents. At the same time the wastewater is purified from ammonium nitrogen, which means a further environmental advantage.
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    Study shows the environmental effects of scrubbing systems
    Next year, new legislation will compel international shipping to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions to air. But instead of using expensive low-sulphur fuels, the global shipping fleet is expected to install so-called scrubbers to wash exhaust emissions with seawater that is then pumped back into the sea. New research from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute indicates that this scrub water will have a negative effect on zooplankton.