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    New EEA report: The EU needs a circular plastics economy
    Solving the problems of plastic pollution requires smarter plastic use, increased circularity and a significant increase in the use of renewable raw materials. We need a circular plastics economy. This is the conclusion of the European Environment Agency EEA in a new report to which several of IVL’s waste experts have contributed.
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    Vinnova funds the Sustainable Finance Lab – collaboration to transform financial markets
    Vinnova will invest Euro 4.6 million over the coming five-years to support sustainable finance research and development. The Sustainable Finance Lab is a consortium of six universities and research institutes including IVL. Researchers, in collaboration with leading financial sector actors, will establish an international competence center for sustainable financial markets.
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    New consulting support helps property owners and contractors to optimize the climate of new buildings
    How big a climate impact do different buildings have and how can we reduce emissions through material selection and production methods? From next year, requirements will be introduced for climate declarations for new buildings, which can benefit those in the industry who invest in sustainable solutions. An important part of the change is that property owners and contractors have access to quality-assured climate calculations, something within which IVL can now offer consulting services.
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    Circular Electronics Day promotes life-extension of IT products
    January 24 is Circular Electronics Day – a global initiative aimed to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of giving electronics products a longer life. This year, 21 organizations are behind the initiative, including IVL, Chalmers Industriteknik, Inrego, Lenovo, Recipo and TCO Development.
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    IVL invests in Clean Shipping Index
    The Clean Shipping Index shows emissions to air and water generated by ships. It is a practical tool for differentiating port and fairway fees and choosing more sustainable shipping alternatives. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute will assume operation of this independent environmental index from January 2021.