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News | 2021-06-22
Anders Roth och Sara Sköld, IVL. På parkeringsplats vid Chalmers.

Mobility expert strengthens the Climate Law Inquiry

IVL's mobility and transport expert Anders Roth will, from the first of September to the last of December 2021, work part-time as the investigation secretary for the Climate Law Inquiry. His task will be to strengthen the competence in the area of ​​transport-efficient society, which is one of two areas that the inquiry will focus on.

– It feels both fun and important to have the opportunity to work with concrete bills for a more transport-efficient society. The transition to a climate-neutral transport system needs to be accelerated at the same time as measures for transport efficiency today are too few and too weak, says Anders Roth.

In December 2019, the Government decided on a review of the legislation to achieve Sweden's climate goals. The inquiry called the Climate Law Inquiry (M 2019: 05) is led by the Governor of Västra Götaland County, Anders Danielsson. During the spring, a partial report was submitted on the Environmental Code and the assignment must be finalized no later than 15 May 2022.

– The goal is to find solutions that increase accessibility in society while at the same time reducing traffic work with energy-intensive modes of transport, and thereby also reducing emissions and other environmental impacts. These are issues that are close to my heart and where IVL has a lot of research and projects, for example about infrastructure planning, says Anders Roth.

For more information, please contact:
Anders Roth, anders.roth@ivl.se, +46 (0)10-788 69 16

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