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News | 2024-05-17
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See the full agenda for our final webinar

Are you interested in learning how to promote and enable a green and sustainable chemical industry that is safe for people and the environment?
Welcome to the Mistra SafeChem final webinar on June 3. Here you find the full agenda for this intresting day.

The Mistra SafeChem programme has been working for over four years and is now ready to present its findings, insights, and highlights. The overarching aim is to reduce exposure to hazardous substances for both humans and the environment and to promote the development of a safe, sustainable, and green chemical industry.

Our final webinar will summarise four years of research for greener chemistry in one day – this will be interesting!
Listen throughout the day or check off the programme items that interest you.

Agenda for the day

09:00-10:25: Introduction to Mistra SafeChem + Tools for early warning and proactivity

  • Safe and efficient chemistry by design: Introduction to Mistra SafeChem
    John Munthe, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
  • Early warning and proactivity: Experimental and computational tools
    Ian Cotgreave, RISE
  • An over-view of the computational hazard warning toolbox
    Ulf Norinder, Stockholm University
  • Proactive screening for persistent chemicals in Swedish waters by nontarget analysis
    May Britt Rian, Stockholm University
  • Development of methods for prediction of biodegradation
    Ioannis Liagkouridis, IVL
  • Application of hazard and exposure screening toolbox to a case study: The textile case
    Josefine Carlsson, Stockholm University

10:45-12:00: Catalysis for sustainable organic chemistry + Upcycling of forestry and textile residues

  • Catalysis for sustainable organic chemistry
    Belén Martin-Matute and Jan-Erling Bäckvall, Stockholm University
  • Enzyme catalysis for green chemistry applications
    Per-Olof Syrén, KTH
  • Towards safe and sustainable upcycling of forestry and textile residues: An overview
    Aji Mathew, Stockholm University
  • Catalytic fractionation of spruce bark and polyester depolymerization
    Suthawan Muangmeesri, Stockholm University
  • Valorization of post-consumer cotton fabrics into cellulose nanomaterials and their applications
    Maria Ximena Rui Caldas, Stockholm University

13:00-14:05: Life cycle based assessment tools

  • Toxicity impact categories in life cycle assessment – operationalizing tools for safe and sustainable by design assessment
    Hanna Holmquist, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
  • Life cycle impact assessment: New developments in USEtox and ProScale
    Kerstin von Borries, DTU, and Tomas Rydberg, IVL
  • Leveraging digital methods to tackle chemical assessment challenges
    Kerstin von Borries, DTU
  • How can the life cycle based assessment tools be used? Mistra SafeChem case studies illustrate operationalization
    Anna-Karin Hellström, RISE, and Hanna Holmquist, IVL

14:25-15:30: The Mistra SafeChem toolbox + Next steps towards a safe and sustainable chemistry

  • The Mistra SafeChem toolbox
    Hanna Holmquist, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
  • Assessment and prioritisation of silicone alternatives using the Mistra SafeChem toolbox
    Lisa Skedung, RISE
  • Next steps towards a safe and sustainable chemistry by design
    John Munthe and Hanna Holmquist, IVL