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Management & Contact

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Luca Merelli

+46 (0) 107886515

Project manager
CSI/IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

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Cecilia Andersson

+46 (0) 107886812

Sustainability expert & Project manager
CSI/IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Technical committee

The Methodology and Reporting Guidlines have been developed with the contribution of the following Thecnical Committee members and researchers:

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Sabina Hoppe

Head of unit Environment and Sustainability
Swedish Maritime Administration

Head of unit Environment and Sustainability. Obtained a PhD from Stockholm University in applied environmental sciences 2016, focusing on ecotoxicology and geochemical modelling in water. Stayed on as a researcher at Stockholm University before moving to the County administrative board in Östergötland, working as a senior environmental specialist and project manager. In January 2020 she started working at the Swedish maritime administration, becoming head of unit for the new Environment and Sustainability unit.

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Erik Ytreberg

Senior Researcher & Associate Professor
Chalmers University of Technology

Obtained a PhD in applied environmental sciences in 2011 and is a Senior Researcher & Associate Professor at Chalmers, dept. of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences. His research focuses on assessing the environmental impact of shipping through the DPSIR concept (Driver-Pressure-State-Impact-Response), which determines both the pressure of different pollutants from shipping to the marine environment as well as the corresponding environmental state and impact on ecosystem services.

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Capt. Daniel Berndolf

Clean Shipping Index

Master Mariner with 15 years of seagoing experience, whereof eight as Master on Chemical & CPP tankers in word wide trade. Started working at the shipping department at PREEM AB 2015, managing vetting, technical, safety and environmental issues, including final approval of tanker vessels involved in the carriage of PREEM products at sea. Technical Committee member since 2016.

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Per Wimby

Fuel Efficiency Project Leader

Project leader for fuel efficiency projects within Stena Sphere. Earlier, leader of several other projects within the Stena Sphere but also at MacGregor. Technical operations management and naval design is also part of his background.


Göteborgs University, Master of Business and Administration
Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, Master of Science in Naval architecture
Studies at Göteborgs University, Mathematics

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Dr. Erik Fridell

Senior Researcher & Professor
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Obtained a PhD in physics in 1993, and is assistant director and team leader for the Emission and Transport group at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Adjunct Professor in Maritime Environment at Chalmers University of Technology. He has long experience on research about emission to air from traffic including emission modelling and research on emission abatement strategies.

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Lotta Solerud

Enviromental Strategist
Ports of Stockholm

Charlotta Solerud has worked since 2015 as an environmental strategist at the Ports of Stockholm with responsibility for long-term strategy for their sustainability work. She has a degree in civil engineering and has for the past 20 years worked with various environmental issues, mainly with a focus on the environmental impact of transport.

Last updated: 2022-06-21
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