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Climate change affects everything

If we are to manage the challenge of climate change, businesses and organizations must adapt now. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute helps the private and public sectors to lead this shift.

Changes in the climate affect everything, including businesses and industries. However, there is a lot the private sector can do to slow this process and redirect it for the future.

Climate emissions must be reduced, both long-term and short-term. Calculating emissions is important – when we know where the emissions occur and how large they are, we can develop an action plan with effective measures to reduce them.

Influence others' emissions

Demand that your suppliers and partners take climate action. This is increasingly important for the organization's sustainability reporting. Show that you are one step ahead.

Examples of IVL's practical work in climate change

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EU project - Nevermore

Nevermore, an EU Horizon project, takes a comprehensive approach to the climate system, with modelling and close collaboration with local actors. The aim is to increase understanding of the interaction between different types of measures.

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Sweden's climate transition

IVL's research programme Mistra Carbon Exit recently released a report containing important lessons with which Sweden can accelerate its climate change efforts.

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Climate change adaptation

Climate change forces us to adapt society immediately, so we can manage extreme weather events. Is your municipality keeping up?

CCfDs and climate fees can help transform industry

Some of the key players in the climate transition are found in the basic industry. But for industry to make a successful post-carbon transition, demand for fossil-free products must increase and the cost of its production must fall.

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Hear our experts talk about current climate issues

Some of IVL's experts in climate change

Porträtt på Lars Zetterberg

Lars Zetterberg

Industry transition

Porträtt på Karin Sanne

Karin Sanne

Lifecycle Management

Porträtt på Anton fagerström

Anton Fagerström

Group manager, Energy


Åsa Romson

Local, national and global climate transition

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