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Digitize buildings

Create smart and sustainable buildings, homes and construction processes through digitization. IVL helps you with environmental information, IoT and digital twins.

Digitization is a natural part of the process of building futuristic houses. Sustainability, economy and housing quality - most benefit from smart technology and innovative approaches. Developing and refining properties involves investments that will both provide an increase in value but also improved cash flows.

We support you in digitizing sustainability work and contributing to climate-smart construction, adapted to your specific needs.

We help you to:

  • Document building materials digitally and secure the company's logbook with the help of our subsidiary BASTAS External link, opens in new window. comprehensive product database, in combination with the international EDP system and national eBVD database External link, opens in new window..
  • Optimize operations through connected buildings so that you can talk to your building with IoT (Internet of things) and get information on how sustainability can increase
  • Increase sustainability through digital twins, a digital copy of your building where you can simulate different operating conditions in a decentralized database and steer towards key figures for increased sustainability

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