Based in Sweden but present globally

IVL is founded and based in Sweden, but our clients and projects can be found all over the world.

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An institute owned by a foundation

Founded jointly by the Swedish government and the Swedish business sector in 1966, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is Sweden’s first and oldest environmental research institute. Managed as a limited company, it is owned by SIVL Foundation for IVL (SIVL). Our board of directors are appointed in equal parts by the Swedish government and the business sector.

Government funds, grants and assignments

We work with applied research and consultancy to promote ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable growth within business and society at large. Our research is funded partly by the Swedish government and the Swedish business sector, and partly through appropriations granted by national and international research bodies.

EU, China and India

We regard the EU area as our domestic market, with a particular focus on the Baltic region. Outside Europe, we work primarily in China, where we have had a strong presence for over 25 years, and we have also expanded our activities in India, which is our second major international market

Apart from IVL Ltd the corporation includes the subsidiary companies Bastaonline AB, CCBuild, EPD International AB, IVL Environmental Technologies (Beijing) Company Ltd and the joint venture-company SEC in China. IVL is together with KTH Royal Institute of Technology the joint owner of Hammarby Sjöstadsverk.

Our operative units:

  • Environmental Intelligence
  • Sustainable Society
  • Sustainable Business and Consumption

Our focus areas:

  • Sustainable environment
  • Sustainable society
  • Sustainable transition

Turnover: SEK 509,5 million (2022)

Profit after net financial items: SEK 43,3 million (2022)

Number of employees: 404 (2022). The actual number of employees is higher due to part-time jobs and the fact that some employees work during part of the year.

Offices: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Fiskebäckskil, Skellefteå, Beijing, Tianjin and Mumbai

Subsidiary companies: eBVD in Norden AB, Basta Online AB, CCBuild, EPD International AB, IVL Environmental Technologies Company Ltd in Beijing, and in addition the joint-venture company SEC in China.