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    Major EU initiative launched to accelerate the transition to safe and sustainable materials, products and processes
    To ensure that materials are sustainable for humans and the environment, to increase recycling and use resources in a more efficient way, efforts are required from an early stage of design and manufacturing.Thus, the EC has launched a major initiative, IRISS, which will accelerate the transition to safe and sustainably designed materials, products and processes. The consortium, led by IVL, will create a global network of experts and stakeholders. Six value chains represented in the project will provide a clear picture of the industry's ongoing and future transformation.
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    Reducing food waste through donations
    Industry, academia and the voluntary sector are joining forces to accelerate efforts to halve food waste by 2030. A project will be implemented in 2022-24 to present good examples, obstacles and efficient working methods for donations of surplus food to charity. The project is to result in a handbook and will be carried out with support from Vinnova.
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    In search of salamanders with environmental DNA
    Biodiversity is in decline around the world; actions to conserve or recreate species-rich ecosystems are high on the global agenda. But how does one measure biodiversity? Researchers at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute are investigating this within a new research field: environmental DNA.
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    CCfD:s and climate fees can help transform industry
    Some of the key players in the climate transition are found in the basic industry. But for industry to make a successful post-carbon transition, demand for fossil free products must increase and the cost of its production must fall.
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    New project to support sustainable food production in China
    In collaboration with China Chain Store and Franchise Association and Institute of Agriculture Economics and Development, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute will support sustainable agriculture food production in China. The aim is to reduce food loss and packaging, as well as the use of pesticide and fertilizers.