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    Better air and less traffic noise in children's outdoor environment
    Preschool children are a vulnerable group, and far too often they are subject to both traffic noise and air pollution. At four preschool playgrounds in Gothenburg, air and noise measurement is underway; the aim is to learn how natural solutions like embankments, trees and vegetation-covered fences can improve the children's outdoor environment.
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    Research project converts food waste into new food products
    Researchers at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute are leading an initiative to develop new food products by using side flows from the production of vegetables and beef. The aim is to increase resource efficiency and profitability in the Swedish food sector by offering innovative food products.
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    Europe's capacity for textile recycling mapped
    There is a huge potential to scale up the sorting and recycling of old textiles in Europe. This is shown by a survey of around 30 actors in the sorting and recycling of post-consumer textiles, which has been carried out within the research project Sustainable clothing futures. The actors are located all over Europe and have promising techniques to be able to take care of our textile waste.
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    Indian delegation visited Sweden
    This week Smart City Sweden, in collaboration with Business Sweden, the Swedish Energy Agency, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and CII – Indian Green Building Council, welcomed an Indian delegation to Sweden for three days. The goal was to identify potential areas of collaboration, share expertise and exchange knowledge.
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    International conference on transport and related impacts on air pollution, environment, and climate
    Two major transport conferences – International Transport and Air Pollution and Shipping and the Environment – will arrange a joint scientific conference in Gothenburg later this year. The conference will provide a broad discussion forum for questions related to the impacts of transport sector on all parts of the environment including the atmosphere, terrestrial ecosystems, the marine environment, and the climate.
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    Researchers find scrubber water harmful at the tiniest of concentrations
    When researchers in the EU-funded project Emerge studied the effect of scrubber water on aquatic organisms, they found harmful effects even at the tiniest of concentrations. The findings add new insights to the problem with ships' exhaust gas cleaning systems – known as scrubbers – that allow ships to continue to use cheaper heavy fuel oil while still complying with the 2020 sulphur emissions rules.
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    Tonnes of fishing gear is lost at sea every year
    On behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and with funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has calculated the annual loss of fishing gear in the Nordic countries. The study points to a huge environmental challenge, where knowledge is generally low.