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    Tests reveal widespread emissions cheating
    Despite stricter regulations, many cars and trucks still emit too much nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. This is according to the IVL-led EU project CARES, which has carried out extensive vehicle exhaust emissions in European cities. The tests also show that many trucks have manipulated emission control systems – a phenomenon that increases at night.
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    The knowledge gap between research and application must be reduced
    Because PFASs are so easily dispersed in the environment, regional and international cooperation is needed. And knowledge must be spread. Mayumi Narongin Fujikawa coordinates much of IVL's PFAS work, and leads several national and international PFAS projects.
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    PFAS analysis: Without interpretation you can be completely lost
    PFAS is becoming a widely recognized concept, and more and more businesses are working to reduce the spread of PFAS in various ways. But to be sure that a product or an environmental sample is PFAS-free, analysis is required – and this is not entirely straightforward.This is according to Ioannis Liagkouridis, researcher and project manager at IVL's laboratory in Stockholm.
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    Supporting sustainable food production in China
    In collaboration with China Chain Store and Franchise Association (CCFA) and Institute of Agriculture Economics and Development, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is engaged in the project SAFE to support sustainable agriculture food production in China. The aim is to reduce food loss and packaging, as well as the use of pesticide and fertilizers.