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    High microplastic emissions from paint
    Paint is a significant source of microplastics in Sweden, according to a new report produced by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. This is the first Swedish study to look specifically at how paint contributes to microplastics, and which sectors account for the largest emissions.
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    The Nordic countries need to speed up their climate transition
    The Nordic countries have all set individual targets for achieving climate neutrality by some time between 2030 and 2050, but at the current rate of change, these targets may be difficult to meet. This is one of the key conclusions of a Nordic collaborative project that IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has participated in.
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    IVL's oil damage experts on site during clean-up operation
    The oil spill from the Marco Polo passenger ferry is a major blow to the already stressed Baltic Sea. IVL's oil damage experts are on site, contributing to the response in Blekinge.