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    The forest is Sweden's gold in the climate transition – but is it enough?
    Sweden's forests are expected to provide generously, and perhaps even more in the future: more timber, more biofuel, more renewable products to replace plastic. At the same time, the forest is to contribute as a carbon sink, accommodate a high level of biodiversity and be a place for recreation. How can this equation be reconciled, and is it even possible? Researchers at IVL are developing tools that can provide a better overall picture of the sustainability of Swedish forestry and the trade-offs that must be made.
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    World's first social product declaration launched
    IVL's subsidiary EPD International now publishes the world's first social product declaration (SPD), with the multinational company Hitachi Rail producing an SPD for one of its train models.
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    Textile recycling must increase – but climate benefits not clear, report shows
    In Europe, large amounts of clothing and textiles are discarded, and more need to be circulated and recycled. But to safeguard and maximize the climate benefits of large-scale textile recycling, several factors need to be in place, according to a study conducted by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute as part of the Sustainable Clothing Futures project.
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    COP28: Historic agreement reached at Dubai climate summit
    The COP28 climate summit in Dubai concluded with a historic climate agreement that sees the world's countries agree to move away from fossil fuels.
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    Digital monitoring future-proofs cities' wastewater networks
    Climate change and urbanization are increasing the pressure on urban water and wastewater systems. In Stockholm and Gothenburg, a new digital technology has been tested that can help municipalities better monitor their networks and improve their ability to plan maintenance.
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    New solutions for the process industry – circularity and resource efficiency supported by digital twins
    Old tyres replacing fossil fuels, increased use of aluminium scrap, and phosphorus from wastewater and industrial ash being recycled into fertiliser. The four-year EU project Retrofeed, in which six heavy industries in the steel and cement sectors, among others, have improved their energy efficiency and switched to circular raw materials and renewable energy sources, has now come to an end. These results were achieved by improving equipment and developing measurement and control systems. Digital twins have been developed for decision support.